We regularly get asked about shipping container advertising. Is it worth it? What are the benefits? And more! We decided to write a post to share our thoughts on this topic. We’ll take a look at why this might be a good fit for your business or project. 

In advertising and marketing, finding creative ways to get people’s attention and stand out from the crowd is so important. So let’s investigate why utilising shipping containers for advertising might be a massive game-changer for your company.

Thinking About Your Container Size 

Shipping containers come in different sizes, they can range from small 8ft standard containers to huge 40ft containers and beyond. This variable ensures that your business can accommodate to any space, whether it’s a compact urban setting or at a local venue. The different container sizes allow for lots of creative freedom, this enables you to tailor messages to suit your specific target audience.

20x8 Office

Containers Provide Cost-Effective Results

Putting money into online advertising can often be very effective, but it comes with a hefty price tag, often costing thousands of pounds a month. However, with shipping container advertising, the initial money that you invest is quite low compared to the long-term benefits that you could receive. By purchasing a container from a good quality supplier and upgrading it with your companies branding, you not only save money on advertising costs but also you’ll gain a strong and durable container that’s reusable for future or seasonal campaigns that you may want to run for your business.

Shipping Containers Edinburgh

Think About Your Location 

As we all know, having a great location is paramount when it comes to effective advertising, and shipping containers offer good visibility due to the size of them. If you strategically place your branded container in areas with high-traffic, it guarantees exposure to potential customers. Whether it’s a busy city, a lively music festival, or near a prominent roadside spot, your advertising message can reach thousands of people every single day, increasing your brand awareness and potential for future work.

Not All Customers Are Ready To Buy Now

Research studies have shown that the vast majority of business marketing strategies focus on the customers that are only ready to buy now, this means they’re neglecting a massive potential of future customers. Shipping container advertising allows you to capture the attention of the 95% of potential buyers who aren’t actively in the market right now. By having consistent marketing and exposing them to your company, you can establish a lasting impression with them, this ensures that when the time comes to buy, your business will be front of mind for lots of people.

Be Creative To Get Remembered

One of the most exciting parts of shipping container advertising is the potential for creativity. With a spacious canvas at your disposal, the only limitation to this, is your imagination. From big bold graphics to interactive screens, the more creative that your approach is, the bigger the impact you’ll have on your future customers. It’s very important to embrace the opportunity and take the time to think hard about how to craft a memorable brand experience that resonates long after the initial encounter.

Shipping container advertising offers plenty of benefits such as affordability, visibility, and lots of potential for creativity. By utilising containers in this way, you can grow your brand’s presence in the marketplace, allowing you to engage with a bigger audience, helping you leave a lasting impression in the minds of future customers. 

If you are interested in exploring containers for advertising, reach out today and book a call with one of our team members.