RFB Containers recently helped The Yard, a dedicated charity working tirelessly in Dundee and key locations such as Fife and Edinburgh.

Gill Thomson, the Service Manager overseeing The Yard’s services in Dundee and Fife, shed light on the key role their organisation plays in countless lives:

“My name is Gill Thomson. I am the Service Manager for The Yard overseeing the Dundee and Fife services. We work dedicatedly with children and young people with disabilities and their families. Our aim is to offer a safe, friendly, non-judgemental environment where these families can converge and relish in play sessions together. Our primary focus is always the well-being and happiness of these young souls.”

Adversity struck The Yard Scotland when it was hit with a fire and devastated their garden sensory room in Dundee. Gill recounts the heartbreak, saying, “This space, valued at over £11K, was the heart of our garden. It was a serene, calming haven where many children and their families found solace. Some of our children, especially those with complex needs, would often enjoy being in this ‘safe space’, observing the various activities around them. Given the overwhelming nature of some activities, this space provided a much-needed retreat.”


Following the incident, The Yard rebuilt their sensory space and began the challenging process of replacing the specialised items that once filled the room. The looming fear of another devastating event left the team hesitant to store their equipment in the same place. With their soft play equipment also compromised in the fire, the need for a secure storage solution became paramount.

Understanding this pressing requirement, The Yard sought to source a standard 20ft container to safely house the equipment after each session. Recognising the charity’s dire need, RFB Containers stepped in with a heartfelt gesture.

Angus Barraclough RFB’s Managing Director expressed: “We are delighted to help out and support The Yard with a free Container to store the equipment for the children. It’s the least we can do for a charity that cares so deeply for young people with challenging needs.”